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Visual Thinker + Change Activator

Boost your organizational genius! Visual goal setter Patti Dobrowolski captivates and inspires audiences using the business leadership tool of the future: Drawing Solutions.

TEDx speaker, critically acclaimed comic performer, writer and business consultant, Patti’s innovative visual keynotes, break out and gamestorming sessions inspire employee and leadership creativity. Need to clearly identify and communicate what’s changing in your business while capturing the genius of your leaders at all levels? Patti’s Snapshot of the Big Picture process has helped to transform NGOs, Fortune 500 companies, B2Bs and startups around the globe. Leaders at all levels are able to translate and communicate their vision of the future using a simple, effective visual.

Set your goals, envision your desired future, create positive change, enhance culture and accelerate team performance for a better bottom line.

Goal setting isn’t rocket science! Patti Dobrowolski will help launch you and your company into a whole new world.

Patti’s Story

Patti received her MA in Psychology with an emphasis in Drama Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies. A member of the National Speaker’s Association, she is a TEDx featured speaker, multiple business award winner and past Broadway performer. This is her story:

A series of events in my life convinced me of the power of imagination and inner visualization. Many years ago, I went to New York City to take acting classes. Like many artists, I would sometimes do street theatre to make a little spare change. One day, I was sharing my spoils with a friend when he asked me if I would ever perform on Broadway, “Me?” I replied with a laugh, “I’m a performance artist. I would only perform Off-Broadway.”

Later, his question haunted me and I began to wonder what it would feel like to perform on Broadway. I let myself fantasize about walking through the stage door into the dressing room that had my name on the door. I imagined myself getting ready and waiting behind the thick velvet curtain for the house lights to dim.

I told myself to snap out of it, but the lingering sensations of my Broadway fantasy stuck with me when I returned home to Seattle where my career as a performance artist had sunk to an all-time low. Through a sequence of amazing events, within the year that dream came to be my new reality –  a successful performer doing what I loved. Since that day I have been working with the power of inner and outer visuals to help individuals, teams and organizations around the world focus to achieve their dreams.

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