Wizard at the Whiteboard - Level Two

Visual thinking requires you to be a Wizard at the Whiteboard - able to quickly draw and capture concepts and images. While this might sound easy, it can be challenging to translate what you hear into content that is both legible and visual! The Wizard at the Whiteboard Level 2 class is all about transforming your fantastic Level 1 WATW - slow and steady writing and drawing - and taking on the mantle of a superhero quick draw! This fun and focused course will help you hone your skills and build your confidence to know that you can!!!

In each one hour class in this four week series, we will focus on combining images, words, pens and pastel to create a beautiful, colorful, awesome visual that your clients will beg you to let them keep! Whether you are using small 11x17 or large 4'x8' formats, your skills will dramatically increase over the course of these four speed-enhancing skill shops.

Just $297 gains entry to earn a Quick Draw Wizarding Certificate!!!!

Starts Monday April 6 at 1PM MST

What's in the Wizard at the Whiteboard Level 2 Curriculum:

Module 1: Choosing Your Tools 

One of the hardest things is knowing when to stop writing and start drawing. For artists it sometimes just the opposite, knowing when to keep writing and stop drawing. This first class will help you identify internal and external triggers to know what to do at just the right time. Also, how to make sure you have enough space!

Module 2:  Expanding your Visual Vocabulary

Drawing fast requires a brain filled with visual vocabulary to pull from. Through practicing capturing typical meeting speak and letting yourself source and experiment with images, you will learn to calm your nerves, increase your fun and appreciate the unique value you bring to the room.  You'll that success button!

Module 3:  Visual Metaphors to Make Meetings POP!

You can build a metaphor before, during, and after your session to help your visuals look dramatic and enhance the content of what has been discussed in any meeting. Clients love helping you brainstorm the metaphor or you can simply choose one from a visual smorgasbord that you have at your disposal. In this module you will learn how to create a visual metaphor from inception to completion. 

Module 4: Seaming Visuals to Sew Up Client Engagement

In this final class you will learn how and when to pitch a client on why they need to hire you to draw a visual. You learn about pricing, expanding a client project, hiring of others to help - everything you need to know to put your talents out there for the world to experience. You will leave this course with a toolkit of ideas, images, metaphors and knowledge that you will be able to integrate with your new and legacy clients for amazing success. 


Learn to be more than just the human highlighter; become the vessel for the innate creative genius in any room. You'll be amazed at how ideas magically funnel through you to the paper. Your capturing of the images and content will transform every meeting, everytime!

BONUSES:  When you complete this coursework, downloading and practicing with the templates, and join our WATW Level 2 FB group, you will gain additional tips and tutorials including 1 FREE online 30-minute fine-tuning session! 


In her first consulting job, Patti's boss sent her into a room full of angry, sad and frustrated employees to help the survivors of a major layoff “get back to work.”  After a spit wad hit her forehead, she grabbed a pen, went to the front of the room and with no drawing skills whatsoever, drew a picture that captured their attention and respect.

20 years later, Patti has drawn pictures for CEOs in Fortune 100 companies to grade school classrooms in Harlem.  Her Wizard at the Whiteboard techniques have helped teams learn to draw ideas at Nike, Starbucks, Microsoft, Samsung, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. A self-taught artist, strategic illustrator and keynote (3xTEDx) speaker, her book Drawing Solutions: How Visual Goal setting Will Change Your Life is a primer for graphic recorders worldwide.


Wizard at the Whiteboard - Level Two

Starts April 6th

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