Up Your Creative Genius Mentorship

Are you wondering whether you can build your new business and put your hard-won wizarding skills to work?

Do you worry that you don't have all the knowledge to push through some of the challenges you will face when launching or pivoting to an online business now that the effects of COVID19 linger on?

Maybe you’ve been certified in Draw Your Future but you are worried about how to get new clients? Perhaps you are worried about integrating the DYF process into your business because you lack confidence?

You are not alone. It is not always easy to ramp up a new product offering for your business or pivot to an online platform on your own. Sadly 95% of the people who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on an online class, never finish it. 

But 55% of the people who learn new skills and apply them successfully, do it with a group of their peers.    

Up Your Creative Genius Mentorship is all about you.

In twice monthly 1 hour group zoom calls, you will continue to learn new skills and get coaching in the art and science of building your business. What makes this different from typical coaching?  

We draw.  We also use visual thinking techniques to inspire the best ideas. Every other session will focus on key marketing, platform or speaking skills you need to know to build your mailing list or engage previous clients in new product offerings.

Each month you’ll gain experience with:

Real time graphic capture and design thinking
Boosting your platform
Enticing new and current clients
Finessing your marketing
Building your confidence
Laser focus coaching

And as a bonus, you’ll get one individual 30 - minute session with just Patti so you can nail your niche and move forward with the confidence and experience you deserve.

Course pricing during COVID-19 is $1297. Sign up today, only a few spots available in this group.

Pre-requisite – to join this group, you must have participated in one of Patti’s online courses Ignite Your Online Business, WATW Levels 1 or 2, DYF or DYF certification.