The 3 Biggest Tips To Go From Goal Setting to Goal Getting

Are you tired of spending hours goal setting to find that nothing ever comes of it?  It’s no secret that goal getting is hard. Research shows only 1 in 9 people actually make the changes they say they want to.

In May I sent out a survey to leaders, facilitators and coaches like you asking you to tell me what gets in your way of goal getting and the results are scary. I want to share them with you AND I want to help you set your clients, your team and yourself up for success.

I experienced first hand what can happen when you shift into setting goals in a new way.  In one year, I went from starving actor performing for spare change on the streets to Broadway actor in a Tony nominated show.

This career transformation got me to research how I could grab my goals with both hands. Since that time, I’ve gone from actor to drama therapist to change master and author to become a 3x TEDx and keynote speaker.  Let me share what I learned about goals with you.  

Join me in this 75 minute class to unleash yourself from that ball and chain of non-achievement and start blasting off to achieve your goals

You’ll get my a free template of my goal getting tips and so much more!