FREE Wizard at the Whiteboard Graphic Jam!

January 29th at 7PM and January 30th at 1PM

Are your ideas getting lost in the blah, blah, blah of talking heads in meetings?

Are you longing to grab that whiteboard pen, step to the wall and draw your ideas into a simple, but powerful picture?

Research shows that the person with the pen at the front of the room is the smartest person in the room, why not you!

Join me for a free one-hour Wizard at the Whiteboard Graphic Jam!!! - Wednesday January 29th at 7PM or January 30th at 1PM.

Even if you are a seasoned graphic recorder, this awesome one hour jamming experience will refresh your skills AND I’ll share some tips to make your meetings go from bore (big yawn) to ROAR!

For the 98% of you who stopped drawing at, just know that NO DRAWING EXPERIENCE is required!!!

Sign up for this FREE online class and get your ideas seen and married to the brains of your viewers.

This class is in high demand, so grab your spot today!

BONUS: First 15 people to sign up will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE ticket to our Wizard at the Whiteboard Level 1 Course!