Are you frustrated, overwhelmed or stalled out in making the changes in your life you long for?

If you knew there was a secret to making change more easily would you want to know it?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to learn to draw a powerful picture that will take you from goal setting to goal getting and step into the dream business and life you have always longed for.

Most people say, "But I can't draw!"  You will be amazed, whether you can draw or not (your brain doesn't know the difference) – 30 days from now – just how much you get done when you have a proven process for drawing a snapshot of your business. Envisioning a powerful future and creating a focused plan of attack that fuels your progress, so you can stop talking and finally grab your goals with both hands.

Draw Your Future 

Research shows the odds against you and I making change in our lives are 9 to 1 against it! 

Against it!   

In Just 2 Hours You Can Make the Essential Changes To Help You Blast Off!

What you’ll gain in these priceless two hours:

  • Insight to understand why drawing your future is so lasting and effective
  • Simple drawing tips to override your critic
  • Seeing your personal goals for your business or your life with new eyes
  • Feeling firsthand the dopamine rush and learning to harness it for achievement
  • Building a bold plan of action to help you gain focus and clarity
  • Unbelievable confidence and belief that you CAN do this!

At the end of this online workshop you will experience how a single, powerful drawing is the key to staying focused and motivated so that you’ll want to use this process again and again.


We'll give you access to a private facebook group where you can join your peers to share insights. You'll also gain personal tips from Patti to help maintain your focus on key priorities.

BLASTOFF.TODAY - You will get the opportunity to showcase your unique work with your business and goals at our website.

You'll get personalized follow up (a 20 minute coaching session) to set you up for success.

Pattis' Bio:

Patti took the stage and gave a TEDx talk that went viral. Now over 6 million people around the world have seen the value of drawing your future to turn their dreams into reality. A street performer/waitress, she drew a picture of herself on Broadway and landed there three months later. As an author, keynote speaker and business consultant for global Fortune 100 companies , Patti’s drawing process has transformed large and small businesses, and taken individuals from goal setters to goal getters.


“I was an assistant director on many films who longed to make one of my own. When I drew my picture of the future, my first short film went to the Cannes Film Festival.”

~Mike Pohorly

Patti recently drew my vision and goals into a picture and guided me towards actions to take to make it all come to life. And, it is all coming to life! That process creates magic!

~Meagan O’Leary

100% Blast Off Money Back Guarantee

If you participate and follow the step by step process, and contribute to the FB group, we’re so convinced that you will be able to increase your ability to achieve their goals or we’ll give you 100% of your money back.

To qualify, just do these 4 things:

1.  Follow the step-by-step instructions to complete the online training and homework

3.  Actively contribute to our private FB group

4.  Upload your Draw Your Future map to our website