Blast Off the TEDx Stage with Your Big Idea!


Do you dream of stepping onto that BIG RED circle, but worry you won't know what to say?

Have you got a story you want to tell, but you aren't sure where to start?

Are you afraid your "idea worth sharing" won't be good enough?

You are not alone.  Every keynote speaker has to wade through their worries..."Will I be funny enough? Am I smart enough? Is my idea good enough?"

Giving a powerful talk starts with you finding the seed of your fantastic idea.  But make not mistake, just a seed won't be enough to sell yourself to that speaker panel. It need to be honed and refined and here's where my 3 steps will set you up for success:

3 Steps to Find Your Big Idea Webinar 

In just one hour you'll learn:

1. How to find your BIG IDEA 

2.  What to do once you find it!

3. How to polish that piece of coal until everyone wants to see you share your diamond!

My 2011 Draw Your Future TEDx reached over 6 million people on all platforms. It 10xed my business in one year and almost every keynote request I get today comes from that very first TEDx talk.

 But it started with a BIG IDEA worth sharing.

This 1 hour FREE webinar is a key element of my $1597 TEDx speaker package, but you'll get to learn three powerful steps in one day for FREE!

Conference presenters receive 1000s of applications every year, some people years applying, only to get rejection after rejection, because their idea didn't stick!

If you are longing to step onto that MAIN STAGE, now is your time!

Listen to the replay of this amazing course to get tips for your next TEDx talk!!


Find your TEDx BIG IDEA today!

You've Been Waiting for This, Now Claim that Red Carpet