Are you a coach, consultant, instructor or facilitator who wants to help your clients, students or teams achieve their goals 72% faster? Then you are a perfect candidate for our Draw Your Future Online Certification Course.

Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to learn how to facilitate a powerful drawing process that will take your clients from goal setting to goal getting and step into the life they have always dreamed about.  

The DYF certification will train you in both basic drawing and facilitation of the Draw Your Future process and surround you with consultants just like you – committed to helping people make change.

You’ll use this process with your goals first and be amazed – 90 days from now – just how much you get done when you have a proven process for drawing a snapshot of your business, envisioning a powerful future and creating a focused plan of attack that fuels your progress, so you can stop talking and finally grab your goals with both hands.

If you want to be a part of our Draw Your Future Ambassador program and get certified through this online course, you must first email us at admin@upyourcreativegenius.com to secure an interview see if this certification is the right fit for you!

Why Draw Your Future?

Research shows the odds against you and I making change in our lives are 9 to 1 against it! Against it! In these five modules you’ll gain the clarity and skill to use this powerful Draw Your Future visual process to help your clients shift from goal setting to goal getting to step into the life they’ve always dreamed about.

Module 1: Draw Your Future to Transform Your Business and Your Life

In this first module, you’ll draw your future firstcapture where you are in your current state, envision that powerful future, and identify the three bold steps to act upon. I’ll give you an overview to understand why drawing your future is so lasting and effective.  Here are some key things you will learn:

  • Capture your personal goals for your business and see how it can help inspire clients to up their goal getting
  • Understand the brain science to build clients confidence for why a visual works
  • Anticipate areas of your expertise that you have yet to tap


At the end of this module you will experience how a single, powerful drawing will motivate your clients for weeks to come.         


Module 2:  Starting Your Certification Series:

Capturing the Current Reality

In this section you’ll see how you can set the stage to capture for your clients’ “where they are right now” in words and pictures. You’ll learn how this powerful visual diagnostic tool can help you decrease resistance and build alignment for both individuals and teams. 

I’ll show you how to:

  • Set up the client for the most powerful success possible
  • Capture the current state (logistics of what to say/do for best results)
  • Know your client’s starting point, where she feels successful, challenges, places needing alignment, and places her beliefs are holding her back.
  • Learn to use the current state as a diagnostic tool to get clarity for future coaching


At the end of your current state module you’ll be crystal clear on how to capture in words and pictures the success and pain points of your clients’ state right now.


Module 3:  Desired New Reality

In this section you’ll experience the amazing power of drawing a picture of your future.

  • In a step by step process you’ll capture their dreams and goals in words or pictures
  • You’ll learn the neuroscience behind the positivity quotient.
  • I’ll show you how to make that future state stick by marrying feelings with images
  • You’ll learn an impactful visualization that your client can use time and again to reboot their imagination and double click on future state components to accelerate success


You’ll leave this session completely convinced that anyone can be the one in ten able to make change when they draw their future.  


Module 4:  3 Bold Steps

This module will show you how to close that gap between where you are and where you want to be with 3 powerful and bold steps.

  • Learn the three categories of bold steps and hear how different clients have leveraged each step to build their motivation to achieve the next
  • You’ll build out an action plan for each of those bold steps, so you know what to do right now!
  • Learn to capture qualitative and quantitative success metrics to ensure the client feels success each step of the way


You’ll leave this module knowing that your clients know how to grab their goals today!


Module 5:  Playing Back the Process for Certification

In this module you’ll work with a partner and deliver the materials for the class, so we can give you feedback and tips on how you can bring your best self to the process. 

We’ll finish this module by:

  • Overviewing how to get the most out of the picture, how to use it and when to refresh it for best results
  • Celebrate every success step and re-track resistance to keep clients motivated
  • Create your personal metrics to help measure your clients’ progress each step of the way


Finally, you will get the opportunity to showcase your unique work with your clients in our private FB group.

BONUSES for the Draw Your Future:

FREE entry into the Wizard at the Whiteboard Basic Drawing course (next one starts in October 7th and runs for 4 consecutive weeks)

20-minute pre-coaching session to assess how Draw Your Future fits into your practice ($497.00 value)

Private FB group for additional support

Drawing Solutions e-book (12.95)

Mission Accomplished Bonus – free 30-minute post class coaching call to help you to integrate the Draw Your Future process into your business (worth $1000) and set you up for ongoing success.


This is the time for you to shift your practice and incorporate drawing into your work with clients. The results will astound you!


Want to become a Draw Your Future Ambassador in Your Area?  Email us at admin@upyourcreativegenius.com and let’s get you started!